What does winning OPEN TICKET mean?

We love competitions where the prize can make a genuine difference to the winner, and the BC Furnace OPEN TICKET does just that. We’ll be asking each winner to complete a quick survey to show what being a winner means to them;

Here’s the responses from our latest winner, Arlene,

1) Why did you choose BC Furnace?

I chose BC Furnace because it is a long-established company with a solid reputation.  I also found their website professional, appealing and easy to navigate.

2) Winning the promotion aside, what was your experience with BC Furnace like?

I found everyone I was in contact with to be friendly and informative….there was no hard sell of products…just straightforward, helpful information and a prompt response time.  I also appreciated the follow-up call I received asking if I was satisfied with the installation.

3) What does winning the OPEN TICKET promo mean to you?

Winning Open Ticket means I can have a really nice vacation next year!

4) Where do you think you’ll visit / travel to using your $2000 Flight Centre voucher?

My two daughters and I have been talking about hiking the 84-mile Hadrian’s Wall path for years….and this voucher will go a long way to making that dream a reality.
We look forward to hearing all about Arlene’s Scottish hike when she returns..