Give your buyer confidence in your heating system

I was reading an article this morning from the Calgary Herald and the reporter was shocked at the poor quality of a vast amount of houses currently for sale on the Vancouver market. Research suggests that most buyers make up their minds within the first two minutes of entering a home, so it makes sense to concentrate on the things that will first catch their eye. In general that means the entrance, kitchen and main-floor bath. From experience, a well decorated and inspirational nursery can also add a certain WOW factor to any potential young couples looking to start building their nest.

  1. Repairing anything that is obviously broken or damaged.
  2. Depersonalize, you want the buyers to imagine they live there.
  3. Neutral decor, you may think you have a great style… others might not.
  4. Consider the kitchen, simple renos can add long-term value to your home.
  5. Promote the energy efficiency of your home, and the investments made in heating.
To point 5, we suggest adding a record of your regularly serviced furnace into the sales details of the house. Proving you’ve maintained and serviced your heating system will give confidence to the buyer that the heating system has been well cared for and will be unlikely to cause major headaches in the future.
If you a Realtor, give BC Furnace a call to find out more.