Coincidence or Carbon Monoxide?

In life we’re faced with many dangers, and it’s a fine balance between being conscious of those threats and plain old paranoia. This weekend my entire family felt extremely lethargic and slightly off-colour. This could be a result of too many things to name, a general bug, food, the weather or just a coincidence. However when my children and my cats both starting throwing up, the coincidence theory was getting stretched a little too thin. Working for BC Furnace, and being heavily involved in the Carbon Monoxide Alarm Campaign I’m extremely cognizant of the signs of potential CO poisoning. Although CO is probably last on most peoples list when they try and explain illness in the home, due to my work at BC Furnace it was actually front of mind. I recently had my furnace serviced so I knew the CO levels were checked and were fine, I also have multiple CO alarms around the home, so I checked each one for any sign of an inflated level of CO. Each alarm indicated no CO, so although I still couldn’t explain the random illness, it did rule out a potentially deadly gas in my home. Bugs and food poisoning, although unpleasant are a walk in the park compared to CO poisoning, so hopefully we’ll all be feeling better soon.