Hollywood comes to BC Furnace

…well not quite, but today’s the day that the film crew arrive at the showroom. We’re  creating a short video to communicate the importance of having your furnace serviced regularly. Last year our campaign focused around the dangers of carbon monoxide in the home as a poorly maintained furnace can leak these toxic gases. This year we’re focusing on the financial consequences of not regularly servicing your furnace.  Like the purchase of a new car that needs regular service in order to keep the manufacturer’s warranty valid, a furnace is the same.  If a new furnace does not have regular services and does encounter a problem, then an expensive repair bill that could have been covered by the warranty will not be…. the costs could escalate into the thousands of dollars.  Your furnace should be services at least once a year, this will; 1) Keep it operating at its peak performance 2) Prevent inefficient fuel consumption – and higher utility bills 3) Check for any toxic gases leaks 4) Maintain the validity of your warranty, which could be the difference of thousands of dollars if your furnace does need major repairs in the future. Check our www.bcfurnace.com for more information.